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January 10, 2014 § 1 Comment

happy dream big friday everyone! yupp, dream big friday. maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. in case you haven’t, you’ve come to the right place! there’s a possibility, if you follow my personal instagram, that you’ve seen me in different dream big paraphernalia before. dream big is a lifestyle brand founded and owned by my good friend adrian. i’ve been following and a fan of the brand for a while now, but i had the opportunity to finally meet the brain behind the business this past summer when my sister came to visit me in savannah. so since today is friday, i figured it’d be perfect to get the inside scoop on #dreambigfridays, as well as the brand and lifestyle as a whole to share with you all. check it out!

establish the new black: how would you describe or what defines your personal style?

adrian: simple but fresh. a lot of crew necks, and i don’t really OD (overdose) on luxury brands, although i do have a few pieces that i love a lot and have yet to see anyone else with.

etnb: cool! so when, where and how did the idea of dream big come about?

adrian: i think it was about 3 years ago… i went into a tattoo shop and had no idea what i wanted but i was determined to walk out with some new ink. i came up with a few things, but they were all typical collar bone tattoo phrases, then maybe an hour later i was like “i got it. dream big!!” never seen anyone with that tattooed so i went with it *laughs* i created the dream dig tees about a year and a half after that. it started as something to have at my shows for fans to be able to take with them, then it spread like wild fire over the next few months.

etnb: it’s so interesting to me how you’ve created a brand that also represents a lifestyle. tell me what exactly the dream big lifestyle is to you.

adrian: it’s waking up everyday knowing you can be and do whatever you put your mind to. it’s doing things you’re passionate about, and striving to be the best you can be at it. the dream big lifestyle to me is pursuing my dreams without limitations. so i don’t believe that the sky is the limit.

etnb: good stuff. so with that being said, what are some of your future plans for dream big? do you plan to expand beyond the clothing line?

adrian: yes definitely. we have so many great things planned for the youth this year and being active in the community. i feel like this is only the beginning to something much bigger.

etnb: what advice would you give someone who wants to pursue fashion, or any dream for that matter?

adrian: believe in yourself and be a fan of yourself. the dream starts with you and goes as far as you want it to go. no limitations.

i feel like i could’ve asked adrian a million questions, as i’m always interested in other people’s entrepreneurial endeavors. everything about dream big is just so inspiring to me! not to mention, the clothing is very comfy as well. for more from adrian and dream big, visit the website, shop the online store, and follow him on twitter and instagram. join the lifestyle and support the dream!

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  • […] week 2 of winter quarter is officially complete. i’m not sure why, but it’s a pretty big deal. every week, actually every day here at scad is its own milestone for me. imagine what a celebration graduation will be… so today i had to give a presentation in 2 out of my 3 classes. they went well! now generally we imagine someone giving presentations in a business suit, or in the typical business casual attire, right? a button down, khakis, you know the drill… which is why i’m not so sure that i would have ever imagined myself giving a professional presentation in a t-shirt. for any reason. like, never ever. that’s not what i was taught. but of course social norms and fashion are ever-changing, and there’s just something about “dream big.” it’s a statement. it’s encouraging, motivating and inspirational. plus it’s a great conversation starter. so many people asked about my shirt today and it opened the door to a lot of great connections for me (and probably some new customers for the company *wink*). plus i jazzed it up of course, so my ensemble was presentation worthy, don’t you think? you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more dream big paraphernalia in my wardrobe choices. in case you missed the interview with founder and owner of dream big, adrian, be sure to check it out here! […]

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